Product update 2.09.0 -“ Improvements to onsite widget, statistics and App Platform, June 2016
Posted by on 2 Jun 2016 15:21

1. New option in On-Site Widget: modify contents of element

When using the widget to personalise content on a page, previously the element on the page would be replaced with the new one. Any event listeners attached to a specific element would be removed and the page interactions would be broken.

A new mechanism in the OSW allows you to adjust contents of an element instead of replacing them.


  • There is an element like so: <a href = ”#”>Book now</a>
  • We want to change the text to "Book Online"
  • Previously we needed to delete the element and add a new one, losing event listeners
  • With this new mechanism, event listeners are retained.

Credit to Benji for this feature request.


2. Profile Attributes

There is now a mechanism to see which Events read or write to a specific Profile Attribute:

Credit to Zory for this feature request.


3. Webhook validation

Webhook will now show warnings if configured without valid URL.



4. Statistics

Statistics will now list all Events defined even if they do not have any data to chart for the current period.


5. App Platform: Helpers update with additional API methods

InnoHelper now offers Apps a way to query for their current app key and company ID.



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