Product update 2.10.0 -“ Segment export function added, plus changes to app naming. August 2016
Posted by on 15 Aug 2016 13:26

Segment Export

Built on the new Profile Analytics backend, there is now a mechanism to export lists of segments.

How it works:

  • Open Segmentation App and choose a segment (or create one from scratch)
  • Click the "open export UI" 
  • Pick the data you want to export. Today we support attributes, in the future we may add Events and Session Data as well.
  • Click "Export"
  • A message will be shown indicating that the export is in progress. Exports can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes.
  • When export is done, a notification will appear and direct user to the Exports list
  • Here user can click on the completed export to download the compressed CSV file to their computer


  • Completed Exports are stored for 30 days, then they will need to be re-exported
  • Exports are in CSV formatted, compressed with gzip
  • Exports can only be downloaded through the GUI (for security reasons)

Future work:

  • We can add integrations to automatically send a completed export to other tools, such as Apsis or MailChimp email lists or DMPs etc.



List which Web Events read from certain Profile Attributes

There is now a column in Profile Attribute list which indicate which rules/events read from a Profile Attribute.

(In v2.11 this list will also include rules/events that WRITE to these attributes, today it's only READ)

Suggested by Zoryana Tischenko.


Heroku App naming 

Today Profile Cloud relies on Heroku default names for Apps. This gives them somewhat cryptic names like "quiet-island-1235" and "peaceful-forest-64363" which can make it hard to find a problematic App in your account.

From now on Apps will instead be titled following the below schema:

  • pc-<company 4char>-<bucket 5char>-<app ID 10 char>-<5 random alphanumeric lowercase>


  • pc-inno-sandb-sqlconnect-as4f7
  • pc-enir-main-fileupload-g68tp


30+ bugfixes and performance & stability improvements

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