Innometrics GUI Release 1.7 Notes
Posted by on 4 Mar 2016 16:12

The Innometrics GUI Release 1.7 includes the following changes:




1. Log of attempted logins

A user can see a log of login attempts on their account (or on all accounts in their company if they are an admin).


Screen shot login attempts  

 2. User expiration date

Admins can set an expiration date for users in their account.

 Screen shot user expiry date




3. IP whitelisting

An admin can set a list of IPs (or IP ranges) from which a user must connect to the GUI. For instance, to restrict the user (or anyone who may have stolen the user’s login/password) to only connect from the office IP.

Screen shot IP Whitelisting 

4. Notification of events affecting user’s account

Users and admins can now choose to receive email notifications regarding events affecting their account.

For example, an admin may want to know about important events pertaining to their account such as when a site was deployed or a user may want to know for security reasons if actions such as password changes were made on their account.

 Screen shot events notification


5. User lockout

Users will be locked out if they make too many unsuccessful login attempts (a maximum of 10 login attempts is permitted). Either an admin must reset the password or the user can do it using the “forgot password” function.





6. Rule description

Users can set a description under “Rule options” to help them remember what the rule does.

Screen shot rule description 


7. Data layer building block

This is a building block that gives users access to values such as order and product information if they are using the Innometrics plugin for Magento or the Innometrics best practice ecommerce tagging solution.


8. Notification component

The real-time notification component warns users if they are working in a rule and another user is working in parallel and has saved the rule. This is the first application of the real-time notification component that will be used to notify users about events in the GUI.


9. Clearer building block repository

Conditions are categorized and there is alphabetic ordering everywhere.

To provide additional clarity, categories are blurred during a search if they contain no results.

 Screen shot building block respository



10.Base version

A base version is created when users creates a new site to enable them to roll back to a clean, empty version.

Screen shot base version 


 11. Cookie compliance

Users can set the compliance level (opt-in, opt-out or no compliance) on plugin/tag base instead of using rules.



12. Connect values to other values

Users can connect a value to another value. For instance, you can connect a value collected on the page to the “set var” value to save it for use on another page. The values “trim” and “to number” have also been added to allow a user to clean a value. This is useful for values collected from a page that might contain leading and closing spaces, or an amount collected on a page that might contain a currency sign.

 Screen shot connect values to other values


13. Smarter “value from page”

Users get a preview of the value that will be collected in the "value from page" mode of the on-site widget.

Users will now also be able to select values such as the source of an image (default if you click on an image). Users can also edit these selection options in the advanced mode to select if they want to collect the value of the element, an attribute, etc.

 Screen shot Smarter value from page

Screen shot smarter value from page advanced


Smarter On-site widget for personalization

Users can now seamlessly switch between "WYSIWYG" and "HTML" editing.

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